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European Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology is a premier, international journal publishing biologically significant studies that have clinical and immunological relevance.  European Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology is focused on Immunological disorders and is amongst the foremost journals in this field, attracting high-quality papers from all parts of the world. Translation Immunology is viewed as a process of applying novel ideas, insights and discoveries generated through basic scientific studies to the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of human disease. The Journal has vast scopes and cover the topics of clinical studies in patients receiving immune-based therapies, in relation to autoimmunity, primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, complement disorders and allergies. The Journal also reports the investigations on the pathogenesis of rheumatic, renal and endocrine disorders, as well as infectious diseases, malignancy and transplantation. Submissions related to basic immunological studies covering clinical practice or understanding of disease mechanisms are also welcomed, which are based on non-human model systems and reports on the physiological mechanisms of immunity. 

The journal accepts high quality original Research articles, Review articles, Short communications, Case reports, Editorials, Video articles, Conference proceedings, Abstracts, Image articles etc.

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Time Span from Submission to Publication

Preliminary Quality Check/Plagiarism Report: Within 3 days of Submission
Peer Review Process Time: Within 2-4 weeks
Report on Revised Manuscripts: Within 1-2 weeks
Galley Proof to Authors: Within 3 days after Acceptance
Approve Galley Proof Moved to Article in Press: Immediately after Approval of Galley Proof

Publication Ethics

All works published by Edwiser International are under the terms of the creative commons attribution 4.0 international license. This permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited. European Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology supports the Open Access initiative. We believe in giving the maximum exposure to our published articles, so that the author could get the highest impact for his publications.

European Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology discourages plagiarism. All the manuscripts submitted to the journal undergo strict plagiarism checking and double blinded peer reviewing. We have an in-house team of reviewers who performs the preliminary reviewing of the manuscript. If the articles get accepted, it is forwarded to the subject specialist for his comments. All the submitted manuscript will be assigned to an Editor from our Editorial Board Members. The decision of the Editor (Accept/Revise/Reject) for respective article is deemed to be final and will not be revoked in any circumstances.

Journal Scope

European Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology is a broad scope journal covering all the fields of clinical and experimental immunolgy. The journal publishes papers on the topics mentioned below but are not limited to it:

Cellular Immunology

Immune Regulation

Clinical Immunology



Structural Immunology

Molecular Immunology

Autoimmune Diseases


Autoimmune Disorders

Immune Deficiency

Transplant Rejection

Adaptive Immune Systems

Innate Immune Systems



Immune Deficiency

Transplant Rejection

Occupational Lung Disease




Drug Hypersensitivity

Allergic Skin Diseases



Venom Hypersensitivity